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Why should I see an orthodontist for my braces?

An orthodontist specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities. We have received two to three years of additional training and experience, beyond dental school, focusing on orthodontics or dentofacial orthopedics. At Decoteau Orthodontics, we take pride in our specialty and are committed to staying current with the latest orthodontic treatment techniques and approaches through on-going continuing education.

Do I need to be referred by my dentist?

While many of our patients are referred to us by their dentist, it is not necessary to obtain a referral to be seen at Decoteau Orthodontics. All initial consultations are complimentary, so if you are wondering if orthodontics may be right for you or a loved one, please call our office today.

When should my child first see an orthodontist?

The quick answer, as recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists, is that children should first see the orthodontist around the age of seven. At Decoteau Orthodontics, however, we are finding more often that people of all ages are interested in improving their smile. No longer is orthodontics limited to children, and with a variety of treatment options to choose from, adults now are making their own dream of a beautiful smile come true!

How do I schedule an appointment at Decoteau Orthodontics?

It’s easy! Just call our office and our team will be happy to schedule your next appointment. We enjoy speaking with our patients and their families, so if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help!

How long will I have to wear my braces?

At Decoteau Orthodontics, we know that every smile is unique. Since every orthodontic treatment is customized for each patient, and each smile responds individually to treatment, the time spent in treatment will vary. In general, orthodontic treatment can take from six to 30 months, with most treatments lasting about two years.

Will braces hurt?

Typically, new patients may notice minor discomfort for the first few days as your mouth adjusts to your braces. At Decoteau Orthodontics, we provide you with suggestions to minimize this discomfort, and assure you that most of the time braces don’t hurt.

What foods do I need to avoid while in braces?

Chewy foods – bagels, licorice

Crunchy foods – popcorn, chips, ice

Sticky foods – caramel candies, chewing gum

Hard foods – nuts, hard candies

Foods that require biting into – corn on the cob, apples, carrots

What foods can I eat with braces?

Dairy – soft cheese, pudding, milk

Breads – soft tortillas, pancakes, muffins

Grains – pasta, cooked rice

Meats/poultry – soft cooked chicken, meatballs, lunch meats

Seafood – tuna, salmon

Vegetables – mashed potatoes, spinach, beans

Fruits – applesauce, bananas fruit juice

Treats – ice cream, milkshakes, Jell-O

Do I still brush and floss with my braces on?

Yes! Maintaining proper oral hygiene while in orthodontic treatment is crucial to your dental health and your beautiful smile. At Decoteau Orthodontics, we will teach you how to brush and floss with your appliances, and are always available to lend a hand if you need extra help!

Should I still see my dentist for check-ups if I have braces?

Absolutely! Because food can get caught in places where your toothbrush can’t reach, it’s especially important to see your dentist regularly. Having your dental check-ups and cleanings can help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. At Decoteau Orthodontics, we will closely monitor the health of your teeth, and communicate with your dentist to ensure a sparkling smile once your braces are removed.

Am I able to play sports or play a musical instrument with braces?

Like anything new, it can take a little time to get used to your new appliances. We assure you that before you know it, you’ll be able to play your instrument or sport without even noticing your braces. At Decoteau Orthodontics, we recommend that you always wear a mouthguard to protect your braces, and your smile. We are happy to help you choose the mouthguard that is right for you!

How often will I need to visit Decoteau Orthodontics?

Generally, we will need to see you every 4-6 weeks while you’re in active treatment. This is to ensure that your treatment progresses according to plan, providing you with a dazzling smile at the end of treatment.

How much will my braces cost?

Just as every smile is unique, and every orthodontic treatment is customized for each patient, the cost of braces can vary. Treatment fees are always discussed in detail before treatment even begins, so we can avoid surprises down the road. Remember, at Decoteau Orthodontics all initial consultations are free, so call today to schedule the start of your beautiful smile!

Will you help me finance my treatment at Decoteau Orthodontics?

At Decoteau Orthodontics, we believe in creating brighter smiles for brighter futures for those who are interested in orthodontic treatment. To make your investment easier, we offer flexible payment plans and interest-free financing to help our fees work with every budget. If needed, plans with low or no down payments from outside financing companies, such as Care Credit, can be arranged. We also offer discounts for payments in full, if this is an option you choose. We are pleased to help you customize a financial plan that you feel comfortable with, and give you something to smile about!

Do you help me with my insurance?

You’ll find that our team at Decoteau Orthodontics is happy to work with all insurance companies. We will work diligently with you and your insurance company to coordinate and maximize your insurance benefits.

Have we left any of your questions unanswered?

Please contact us. We are eager to answer any questions you may have!