Temporary Anchorage Devices

The beneficial and dramatic changes orthodontics can make in the face and smile are well-known and accepted. Braces unfortunately have limits and certain conditions are not easily treated by braces alone. TAD’s are a revolutionary technique that combines the tremendous benefits of implant technology and orthodontics. In short, they are special titanium pins that can be placed in the jawbone to allow orthodontists to move teeth in ways that have never been possible before! It is a complete anchor that will move teeth and not the pin. The amazing thing is Dr. Decoteau is trained to place these herself, you do not need to have a surgeon place them. Minimal anesthesia is required and discomfort is hardly a factor.

Benefits of TAD’s:

  • Allows us to move just one or several teeth, preventing the need for full braces in some patients. This may make your treatment much less noticeable to others.
  • Can potentially save thousands of dollars by closing spaces for missing or extracted teeth (this saves the cost of expensive dental implants)
  • Can help avoid jaw surgery in adults
  • Can help avoid jaw surgery in teens by providing orthopedic traction to help the jaws grow better
  • Can speed up braces treatment in certain cases
  • Allows certain tooth movements which simply would not be possible without TAD

Treatment with TAD’s to close space for missing second premolars.  Progression of treatment is 5 months post TAD’s placement.

Treatment with TAD’s to close open bite.  Progression of treatment from TAD’s insertion is 2 months.